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Guild Wars 2: Aktuelles Statement zu den PvP-Ligen

Wer in den letzten Tagen die Foren und Reddit beobachtet hat, der hat festgestellt, dass die Community derzeit sehr unzufrieden ist, besonders mit den neuen PvP-Ligen, welche mit dem Update vom 1. Dezember in das Spiel gekommen sind.

Aktuelles Statement zu den PvP-Ligen

ArenaNet Forum Communications Team Lead Gaile Gray ist nun im offiziellen Guild Wars 2 Forum auf die ganzen Probleme eingegangen und hat ein längeres Statement veröffentlicht.

GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Aktuelles Statement zu den PvP-Ligen (Quelle)

Hi all,

We’ve been closely monitoring PvP Leagues since their release this last Tuesday and we’d like to provide an update on where things currently stand. Some of this information is available in other locations, but it’s always good to have everything in one place.

Match Manipulation

There have been reports of players intentionally losing games in an effort to lower their overall matchmaking rating. The idea is that if they lower their rating, their subsequent games will become easier, and they will gain pips more reliably in future win streaks. Regardless of how unlikely this is to actually happen (read on for why), we’re still not cool with players intentionally losing as this is in direct violation of our Code of Conduct.

In the short-term, our customer support team will be investigating reports of this and punishing the behavior accordingly. Please use the “Botting” reporting option to bring these instances to the attention of our team. For a longer-term solution, we’ll be working on improving the in-game reporting system to better handle these types of situations. Chris Clearly has been posting on the topic here.

Queue Times and Division Matchmaking

As Evan Lesh mentioned on reddit matchmaking rating and division standing are both used equally for matchmaking. This is currently affecting both queue times and matchmaking, especially in higher divisions. The season has only been active for three days, so there are fewer players in the higher tiers, meaning less people for matchmaking in those divisions. This will correct itself as the season progresses and players begin spreading through the divisions more evenly. Related to the point above, tanking MMR for the purposes of easier matches isn’t feasible considering division still plays a large part in the matches you get.

Forfeit wins and pip loss

We will be correcting a bug where players can lose pips after a win if someone in their party had disconnected for longer than 2 minutes, causing a forfeit. This fix should be in our next release.

Guild Team MMR Workaround

Today we fixed an issue that allowed high-skilled players to constantly spin up new guild teams and have themselves matched with lower-skilled players because of how personal MMR and team MMR worked together. This gave them faster queue times, faster league progression, and allowed them to climb the Guild Challenger League more quickly than intended for each team created. As mentioned above, we’re aware of the longer queue times for high-rated teams, but this is mostly attributed to how divisions are factored into matchmaking and should be less of an issue as the season progresses. Additionally, we will also be enabling rating decay on the Guild Team Leaderboard after we have enough data to determine the correct values to decay by. This will cause inactive teams to fall down the leaderboard.

Pip/Point behavior is difficult to understand

You gain a variable number of pips depending on the difficulty your match-up (from -3 to +3). The majority of games (even matches) are +1/-1 for winning/losing. The odds of winning a match is based off of division standing between the two teams involved and roster sizes. If you’re heavily disfavored in a match-up (the system predicts that you should lose), you could potentially gain up to 3 points for winning. You also gain partial points as you cross point thresholds, so there’s always a reason to keep trying even if you don’t win. The system also works the other way around. If you’re favored to win, but lose, you’ll lose more pips than you would in an even match.

Now to the crux of the issue – it’s not entirely clear why you’re winning or losing X amount of pips after a match, as the odds are not displayed to the player. We’re looking at making changes to the in-game UI to communicate this more clearly, but this won’t be in for season one.

Vial of Salt

This amulet will be updated to correctly have ascended stats with our next release.

In closing…

We’d like to thank everyone for their feedback so far. Leagues are a complicated system and we’ll be iterating on it until we get it right.
Gaile Gray

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