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Guild Wars 2: Änderungen an Elite-Spezialisierungen

Aufgrund des Feedbacks der Spieler und im Zuge auf die Vorbereitung des 3. Beta-Wochenendes gibt es umfangreiche Änderungen an den den Elite-Spezialisierungen der Klassen.

Änderungen an Elite-Spezialisierungen

Folgend haben wir für Euch die diversen Änderungen aufgelistet. Klickt einfach auf die Elite-Spezialisierung die Euch interessiert.


GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Widergänger (Quelle)

Hey, everyone! Once again, I’m back to talk with you all about upcoming changes to the revenant which you’ll get to play in the upcoming BWE3. These were made from all the awesome feedback we received from BWE2 as well as our internal testing.

Similar to the other posts like this that I have made, I’ll be providing some of the thought behind these changes as to why we made them. Overall, revenant has been doing very well and is much closer to how we want it for HoT launch. As you all have seen, the profession has come a long way since the first time that it has been played and a lot of that is with the help of all the amazing feedback from you all. (Thanks!) There were a few lingering issues, tweaks, and polish which I’ll discuss below. So, let’s get into it.

Here we have some polish changes for the profession. It was brought up on the forum as a suggestion to have a custom dodge FX and that got added as a direct result.

  • Added an effect to dodging.
  • Added underwater versions of the downed skills.
  • Added a hand glow when invoking legendary centaur stance.

Unfortunately, the displace mechanic was interacting poorly in the game as a whole. It was causing undesired behavior with NPCs and pathing, its strength varied by game mode, it was very disorienting to the receiving foe and other issues as well. We made the decision to remove displace and change the skills which had it on them. In this case we changed it to a knockback because it was similar functionality.

  • Forceful Displacement: This skill no longer displaces foes, instead it will now knockback the foe 600 distance.

For sword, there were some minor tweaks. Precision Strike was made a whirl finisher because it made sense as your character is spinning around, plus the skill needed a bit of help. Unrelenting Assault was a bit strong after the last set of changes so I slightly increased the recharge to have a lower window between evade times.

  • Precision Strike: This skill is now a whirl finisher.
  • Unrelenting Assault: Increased the recharge from 10 seconds to 12 seconds. Fixed a bug so that this skill will more report damage as a multi-hit skill allowing it to stack up damage per target rather than displaying each instance of damage individually.

In staff the changes were mostly about the flow of play. It felt awkward to have to stand still to cast Renewing Wave so I changed out the animation to one that would work while moving to keep this weapon more mobile feeling. Debilitating Slam had a long cast time for a skill which is used for an interrupt so I went ahead and shortened that down to so it could be used as a more reactionary skill.

  • Warding Rift: Fixed a bug where this skill could be cancel-casted to gain the benefit of the block without going on full recharge.
  • Renewing Wave: Changed the animation on this skill so it can be used while moving. It retained the same 1 second cast time.
  • Debilitating Slam: Decreased the cast time from 1 second to 0.25 seconds.

We were trying out defiance bars on player skills in a few places, but it didn’t really work out. Defiance bar is balanced around being on creatures which left some pieces of it feeling awkward for players. It also had essentially a duplicate functionality to stability. In the end we felt like it didn’t play well on player skills so we removed all player defiance bars.

  • Envoy of Exuberance: Decreased the energy cost from 15 to 10. Fixed a bug so that this skill will properly heal at the target location instead of around you.
  • Crystal Hibernation: Removed the defiance bar. This skill will now block attacks for the duration while regenerating health. Lowered recharge from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.

Legendary Assassin Stance
Jade Winds was a bit too strong being able to cast it back to back if you stored up the energy. This skill got a short recharge to limit being able to chain it back to back with itself. You may notice we have some this with a few skills so pressing one skill multiple times wouldn’t be encouraged and allow for a breathing room for your foes.

  • Jade Winds: Added a 5 second recharge.

Legendary Centaur Stance
Here I made some changes to the cast time. Now all utility skills are instant, only the heal and the elite have a cast time. The elite has also been lowered in cast time as well as decreased energy cost.

  • Naturalistic Harmony. Decreased the energy cost from 25 to 20.
  • Purifying Essence: This skill is now instant cast. Decreased the energy cost from 35 to 30 and added a 5 second recharge.
  • Energy Expulsion: This skill is now a blast finisher and reduced the cast time from 2 seconds to 1 second. Decreased the energy cost from 50 to 35.

Legendary Demon Stance
In this stance we had a bit of a bigger change happen. Demon Stance was in an awkward place because it was mechanically cool when you looked at it in a vacuum, but when you were put around other players there was this point of tension which was created. When using demon stance you wanted to manage your conditions and try to keep certain amounts on yourself to empower your skills.

Though, allies directly impacted this play style. While you were around allies, especially players running support, it created tension and frustration between the two players. You wouldn’t want to be near these other players that removed conditions from you as it weakened your skills. This isn’t a tension or frustration that we wanted to create between allies so I moved this stance away from focusing on scaling effectiveness based on your personal conditions. As such, the self-conditions didn’t make sense anymore as you had less reason to utilize these so they were removed. Similar to Forceful Displacement, the displace was removed on unyielding anguish and the skill was re-designed a bit.

  • Empowering Misery: Removed the self-applied weakness. Increased the base heal by 40% and decreased the heal per condition by 40%.
  • Pain Absorption. Removed the self-applied blind.
  • Banish Enchantment: Removed the self-applied vulnerability. This skill now applies 3 stacks of confusion for 6 seconds instead of being dependent on the conditions you have on you.
  • Unyielding Anguish: This skill has been re-worked. This skill will now leap to the target location creating a dark field which chills for 1 second and torments for 4 seconds per pulse. The field lasts for 4 seconds and pulses every 1 second. Added a 10 second recharge.
  • Embrace the Darkness: Removed the self-applied torment. This skill no longer copies conditions to nearby foes. This skill will increase stats by 10% while active and pulse 6 seconds of torment every 1 second to nearby foes.

Legendary Dwarf Stance
A lot of you thought Forced Engagement was too high of a cost for a single target control skill, and I agree! But, I can’t allow you to use it back to back or else it creates bad chain controlling situations so there is an added recharge as well.

  • Forced Engagement: Increased the recharge from 3 seconds to 5 seconds and lowered the energy cost from 50 to 35.

In herald overall I think it played out fairly well, but there was a few small tweaks I wanted to make. Shared Empowerment was slightly under-tuned compared to other similar traits. Gaze of Darkness bypassed defenses like dodging which wasn’t intended.

  • Shared Empowerment: Increased the might duration from 5 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • Facet of Nature: This is now useable underwater.
  • Gaze of Darkness: Fixed a bug so that this can be properly avoiding using things such as your dodge.

In the corruption specialization, there were a few traits which needed some tweaks in power to be competitive options. As an example revenant did not have many options to apply poison, but had the trait Venom Enhancement which increased poison duration so I thought it made sense to also apply poison itself.

  • Pulsating Pestilence: Increased the trigger chance from 15% to 25%.
  • Replenishing Despair: Increased the base heal by 300% and added a 1 second internal cool-down.
  • Venom Enhancement: This trait will now apply poison for 5 seconds with a 20 second recharge when you apply torment as well as increasing poison duration.

In this specialization, I addressed an issue a lot of you brought up in feedback which I thought made a lot of sense. Basically you all said the profession stat buffs like empower are generally in master tier and ferocious strikes was just a weaker trait. So I went ahead and switched the position of both of these traits.

  • Assassin’s Presence: This trait has been moved to master tier replacing the place of Ferocious Strikes.
  • Ferocious Strikes: This trait has been moved to adept tier replacing the place of Assassin’s Presence.

In the master tier for this line there were two traits based around incoming control effects, which made little sense and ended up fighting with each other. I went ahead and merged these two traits together creating room for a new trait which I added as the master tier needed a trait to help support the tank feel of retribution.

  • Eye for an Eye: The Redeeming Protection trait has been merged with this one. When Eye for an Eye triggers, you will also gain protection for 5 seconds.
  • Redeeming Protection: This trait has been merged with Eye for an Eye.
  • Dwarven Battle Training: This is a new master tier trait replacing redeeming protection. This trait provides a 25% chance on hit to weaken foes for 4 seconds with a 10 second recharge and decreases weakness’s effectiveness on you by 50%.


GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Sturmbote (Quelle)

With another round of beta weekends complete, here’s where we’re going for the next beta:

We’ll be normalizing the casting time of each overload to four seconds. This way, you’ve got a guaranteed amount of time to overload before the pay-out. We’ll be looking at improving the pay-out for each overload ability.

Overload Earth: Cast time reduced from 5 seconds to 4. Bleeding has been added to the pulsing effect, one application of 6 seconds per pulse. The effects of this ability now trigger when the ability starts, instead of waiting one second before it applies cripple and protection. This ability no longer has a break bar, but instead applies 3 stacks of stability for 4 seconds when it begins.

Overload Water: Cast time increased from 2.75 seconds to 4. The first pulse of this ability now occurs when it is initially cast and will cleanse also when the final blast occurs.

Overload Fire: Reduced cast time to 4 seconds. note: We’ll be reducing the damage of this overload, as it’s got too much in its current state. I don’t have the numbers on this right now, but will update when I get a chance.

Overload Air: The damage for this skill now activates at 0.5 seconds, rather than at 1 second. Increased duration of the static area by 1 second. Increased the radius of the static area from 240 to 360. Reduced cast time 4.75 seconds to 4 seconds.

We’ve been looking at expanding the warhorn’s utility and will continue to work on its overall effectiveness and purpose.

Dust Storm: Removed vulnerability application. This ability now applies two stacks of bleeding for 10 seconds on each pulse.

Sand Squall: Added a number of targets/impacts skill fact. Fixed an issue that caused this ability to double the intended duration increase on themselves.

note: Heat Sync is currently over-performing in its ability to spread all boons to allies. We’ll be looking to narrow down the boons it can spread, to just the Might boon, in order to keep its purpose more clear.

Rebound: This ability now applies an effect to nearby allies for 5 seconds. If the ally would take a lethal blow, they are healed instead of going into the downed state. If this effect expires naturally, grant an aura based on your current attunement. Reduced cast time from 3/4 second to 1/4 second. note: It heals for about 2000 at level 80 and heals additionally based on 1.5x your healing power.

We wanted to re-work a couple of traits for this beta weekend, being as a few traits didn’t feel all that great, or were way too strong in odd scenarios. As you’ll notice, there’s now an option for Stability when overloading.
note: We’d like to add something more to Earthen Proxy at some point if it remains based on protection. It’s not going to go all that great if EP affects allies, because it’s hard to know when your own protection is on them and not your ally Guardian standing next to you. This trait is more likely to remain a bit selfish, or change to something else.

Speedy Conduit: Increased swiftness duration from 5 seconds to 8.

Elemental Bastion: Fixed an issue where shouts would cause this trait to double-heal. Increased base healing per level by 50%. Increased healing contribution by 50%. Reduced the base heal from 40 to 10.

Harmonious Conduit: This trait has been re-worked. Upon activating an overload, gain stability for 4 seconds. If the overload is successfully completed, gain 10% damage for 5 seconds.

Imbued melodies: This trait has been re-worked. While wielding a warhorn, your boon duration is increased by 20%. Use sand squall when you are struck while below the 90% health threshold.

Thanks for your continued constructive feedback.



GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Schnitter (Quelle)

The Reaper feedback from the last BWE was much more positive this time around so this set of changes will be less about large sweeping changes and more about smaller adjustments to numbers and timing to improve the overall feel of the specialization. Some of the more unpopular traits are also getting their functionality updated to be more competitive.

Reaper’s Shroud
The speed of Death’s Charge was increased to be more in-line with other gap closers like Savage Leap. I’ve also done some small animation changes that should reduce incidents of the skill going in the wrong direction. The small recharge on enter was also removed to make the functionality consistent with normal Death Shroud.

  • Reaper’s Shroud: Removed the small recharge that was applied to the Exit Reaper’s Shroud when this skill was activated.
  • Life Reap (Reaper Shroud 1c): Reduced aftercast by 0.2 seconds.
  • Death’s Charge – Increased movement velocity by approximately 30%. Improved animation consistency.
  • Infusing Terror: Removed incorrect fear skill fact from this skill
  • Terrify (Reaper Shroud 3 toggle): Reduced casting time by 0.15 seconds. Adjusted animation speed.

With the last set of changes to greatsword the weapon is starting to feel like it’s in a good place. Some range adjustments to a few of the more difficult to hit with skills should help bring the rest of it together. Greatsword 5 was not changed in this iteration but we are aware of the problems it has and are working to improve them without changing the unique functionality of the skill.

  • Dusk Strike/Fading Twilight: Fixed an issue where these skills would occasionally not award their listed lifeforce values.
  • Death Spiral: Increased width on this attack by 33% to put it in line with other melee attack skills.
  • Nightfall: Increased radius of this skill by 60 for all pulses. Maximum radius is now 360. Added effects to show damage/combo field radius. Fixed an issue which caused the combo field to persist longer than the effect of this skill.

Shouts are getting to a good place but there’s still a little more to be done here. “Chilled to the Bone” and “Your Soul Is Mine” are getting buffs to make them more worthy of the slot and “Rise” is getting an update to make it more reliable as a defensive skill.

  • “Chilled to the Bone!”: Lowered recharge from 120 seconds to 90 seconds. Reduced chill duration from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.
  • “Nothing Can Save You!”: Reduced recharge from 35 seconds to 25 seconds.
  • “Rise!”: Updated minion models. Increased vitality and toughness of minions by 33%, but decreased minion power by 40%. This skill now summons one minion by default plus one additional per target hit. Shambling Horrors now apply Dark Bond to their master as soon as they are summoned but must still attack to maintain the bond.
  • “Suffer!”: Removed unlisted lifeforce gain from this skill.
  • “You are all Weaklings!”: This skill now has instant activation. Increased weakness duration from 6 seconds to 8 seconds. Removed stability.
  • “Your Soul Is Mine!”: Decreased base heal value by 25% but increased base multiplier by 16% and healing attribute multiplier by 40%. TLDR; This skill now has the same healing values as the Guardian skill Shelter.

While many Reaper traits had very positive feedback, there were a few that we felt could use some improvement. Augury of Death now adds a lifesteal component to help it fit in with the other “fighter” style traits in that row. Soul Eater similarly has had a small rework to make the CDR bonus easier to use. The lifesteal from Soul Eater was moved onto Gravedigger only since it allows us to better tune its power and provides a clearer use case for it. The change to Chilling Force fixes an issue where multiple Reapers attacking the same target could block each other from gaining the bonus if they were attacking the same target.

  • Augury of Death: In addition to it’s previous effect this trait now additionally causes shouts to lifesteal. (Approximately 100-150 health.)
  • Chilling Nova: Increased damage by 50%. Increased number of targets from 3 to 5.
  • Chilling Force: Now has a 1s ICD but is not limited per target. Single strikes that hit multiple targets can activate this trait more than once before its recharge is activated. Increased might duration from 5 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • Deathly Chill: Now has an icon attached to the chill damage.
  • Soul Eater: Changed recharge reduction to a flat 20% without conditionals. Lifestealing from this trait increased significantly but the lifestealing now only applies to Gravedigger. (Approximately 140-180 health.)

I hope that everyone has fun playing Reaper in the next BWE with these changes!


GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Drachenjäger (Quelle)

Greetings all!
Now that the betas are over and we’ve been working through quite a bit of feedback, we now have the chance to give you the list of changes that will be available for the next beta.

This specialization will ask that you make a trade-off of instant-cast abilities in order to gain access to a more physical aspect of them. With that goal in mind, we want to ensure that the virtues are rewarding while, while still maintaining some risk about them. In this iteration we’ve shored up a bit of the risks. We’ve lowered recharges of both Justice and Resolve while specialized as a Dragonhunter, in addition to lowering the cast times and improving battle effectiveness.

Spear of Justice: Increased missile velocity by 100%. Reduced the casting speed from 3/4 second to 1/4 second. Updated skill facts when virtue traits are equipped. Fixed a bug that caused this trait to not trigger with Wrath of Justice. Reduced recharge from 25 to 20. This ability is now unblockable.

Wings of Resolve: This ability now removes Immobilize at the beginning. Cooldown has been reduced from 50 seconds to 30.

Shield of Courage: Reduced the cast to 0.25 seconds. The after-cast of this ability has been reduced by 200 ms. This ability now blocks all attacks from the front, while attacks from behind will strike the guardian.

As with the virtues, we want to continue to ensure that the longbow feels rewarding. A few of the missile velocities felt slow and not as deadly as they could be, so we’ve been making steps at increasing both velocity and lethality, while ensuring that there’s a bit of utility to go around.

Puncture Shot: Increased missile velocity by 66%

True Shot: Damage increased by 12.5%

Deflecting Shot: Reduced missile velocity by 25%. Reduced after-cast by 300
milliseconds. Increased base damage by 13%. Destroying a projectile with this ability increases the damage it deals by 100%. Increased the blocking radius by 33%. The attack radius of this ability has not been increased.

Symbol of Energy: Increased missile velocity by 60%. Increased symbol damage by 10%. The initial burning impact now inflicts two stacks of burning, up from one. This skill can now be fired behind you.

We’re continuing to work on trap usability, functionality and improve visual effects. There’s not a whole lot in this update, but we continue to appreciate your feedback on these abilities.

Traps (general): Reduced the cast time of all traps to 1/2 second, down from 1 second.

Purification: Fixed an issue that caused this ability to not function correctly with Runes of the Trapper.

We’ve updated the trait line a bit to be more in line with other profession trait lines.

Piercing Light: This trait has been reworked. While activating, traps will now daze enemies in the radius for 1 second. Trap recharges are reduced by 20%.

Hunter’s Determination: This trait has been reworked to apply aegis to the guardian and drop a Fragments of Faith trap at their location when controlled.

Hunter’s Fortification: This trait has been reworked to remove conditions when blocking attacks. In addition, receive less damage when you have no conditions on you.

Dulled Senses: This trait has been updated: Enemies you knock back are crippled. Enemies you cripple are also inflicted with vulnerability.

Zealot’s Aggression: This trait now allows Justice’s passive effect to cripple, in addition to dealing extra damage to crippled enemies.

Heavy Light: This trait has been updated: Longbow arrows knock back when enemies are within the range threshold. Gain stability when you knock an enemy back.



GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Chronomant (Quelle)

Greetings Chronomancers, it’s that time again to talk about the next set of changes to the chronomancer specialization based on feedback from the last BWE. Chronomancer remains one of the more solid elite specializations going into BWE3 so we are continuing to tune up a few of the clunky or lackluster elements.

Shield Functionality Updates
The single block on Echo of Memory didn’t differentiate it enough from the block on offhand sword and could be difficult to use in some of the more intense areas of the jungle. BWE3 will change the single block to a continuous block, however as a cost to that the phantasm is now summoned at the end of the channel even if you block an attack at the start. This allows you to have more control of which enemy the phantasm is summoned on but don’t cancel the skill or you won’t get the phantasm! The phantasm itself has also been overhauled to be more reliable about spreading its buffs to allies and enemies alike. Finally Tides of Time has some new behavior to bounce if it hits a wall, however given the variable amount of terrain in our game there may still be some instances where it will not return.

  • Echo of Memory/Deja Vu: Changed functionality. Now blocks all attacks for a short duration rather than a single attack. If this skill fully channels, summon an Illusionary Avenger. Deja Vu is available if any attack is blocked during the channel time.
  • Deja Vu: Fixed a bug which allowed players to constantly cancel cast this skill to get a longer than intended uptime of the block effect. Canceling this skill now removes the Time Echo buff.
  • Illusionary Avenger: Increased damage of this phantasm by 20%. Fixed a bug which prevented this skill from displaying the benefit from Empowered Illusions. Increased alacrity given to 2 seconds per hit. This phantasm no longer shoots a bouncing projectile but instead initiates a melee attack that slows enemies and gives alacrity to allies within a 240 radius around the target. Removed old phantasm description.
  • Tides of Time: This skill now attempts to bounce back if it hits a wall. Fixed a bug where the time freeze caused by this skill would not show a stun icon in the status bar.

Well Tuning
Most of the wells have been changed to have more consistent effects. While the idea of duality and affecting enemies and allies works for some wells, we felt it would be better not to go overboard trying to force it when it didn’t. Gravity Well, Well of Eternity and Well of Precognition now have better defined effects for the situations they should be used in. Well of Recall now pulses despair and ends in happiness.

  • Gravity Well: Now performs a knockdown, float and then pull. No longer gives stability on end. Increased final damage by 50%
  • Well of Action: Increased damage per pulse by 17%. Lowered aftercast by 0.2 seconds.
  • Well of Calamity: Lowered aftercast by 0.2 seconds.
  • Well of Eternity: No longer gives vigor per pulse to allies but instead removes conditions from them. Increased recharge to from 25s to 30s. Increased base initial heal by 25%
  • Well of Precognition: Updated functionality. Now gives blur for 1 second per pulse during its active portion instead of on end. When it ends, allies within the well regain 35 endurance.
  • Well of Recall: Lowered recharge from 45 seconds to 40 seconds. Updated functionality of this well. It now chills for 1 second and deals damage every pulse then gives 5 seconds of alacrity to allies when it ends. New pulse damage is 70% of previous end damage. Effects have been updated to reflect this new behavior.

We didn’t feel that many changes to traits were necessary as they feel like they have gotten to a pretty good place at this time. However there are two I’d like to talk about in more detail.

  • Illusionary Reversion: No changes.
    • There is a pretty clear division of people that would rather have an ICD on this skill and those that prefer the illusion requirement. After some thought we’ve decided we prefer the current version (illusion requirement) as it is an easier to understand limitation when compared to internal cooldowns. I know that some have asked that this requirement be toned down to 1 illusion required but this wouldn’t solve the original problem of being able to get large bonuses from your shatters without an investment.
  • Lost Time – Added a 0.25 second delay between earning stacks of this buff. Fixed functionality: This trait previously applied slow on the first critical hit after generating 4 stacks. It now applies slow on any hit (does not have to be a critical hit) after 5 stacks are generated.
    • We’re still looking at good ways to limit some of the power from this trait. For now we are trying a small cooldown on the rate at which stacks can be generated. This primarily affects skills like Greatsword 1, and shouldn’t have a high impact on other weapon skills.

Bug Fixes

  • Continuum Split – Fixed a bug which caused the Continuum Rift to take no damage from attacks.
  • Flow of Time: Fix the description to show it gives alacrity per illusion.
  • Illusionary Reversion: Fixed a bug which caused this trait to fail when used with Continuum Split.

That’s it for this round of changes, I hope everyone enjoys playing chronomancer in the next BWE!


GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Berserker (Quelle)

Alright warriors, after gathering all your feedback, we are ready to present the next set of changes to the Berserker specialization. These changes primarily address the concerns with the torch weapon and some of the traits, but also include changes to berserk mode and several primal burst and rage skills.

Smoother Berserk Mode
Berserk mode was pretty good overall, but we felt like the global cooloown on burst skills and the attack speed not matching with other attack speed bonuses felt a little awkward in practice.

  • Berserk: Removed the 0.5 recharge before you are allowed to activate a berserk burst after entering berserk mode. Increased attack speed bonus from 10% to 15%. The voice line that plays when berserk mode is about to run out will now has a 1 in 3 chance of playing (“Grrr no!”). Fixed a bug that caused the recharge of this skill to be reduced by the trait Versatile Power

More Competitive, Less Confusing Traits
We’re bringing up the power of some of the weaker or more niche traits to be more reliable while removing some of the elements from other traits that didn’t make sense (example: adrenaline bonus for Dead or Alive). These should help make the traits easier to understand while making them more competitive at each tier. Smash Brawler and Bloody Roar have significant changes this time around as feedback indicated that the top row of traits was the weakest by far.

  • Always Angry: This trait now refreshes when berserk mode ends.
  • Bloody Roar: Removed bonus effectiveness based on range. Now taunts for 1.5s and applies 4 stacks of bleeding at all distances. Now gives 3s of Fury for each foe taunted.
  • Dead or Alive: This trait now heals for a flat amount which is approximately 100% more than the original minimum value rather than scaling with your adrenaline level. Added 30s ICD.
  • Distracting Strikes: Fixed an issue which caused the the stun from Headbutt to confuse the caster.
  • Fatal Frenzy: Increased quickness duration from 2 seconds to 3 seconds. Now also grants 3 seconds of swiftness when berserk mode is activated.
  • Last Blaze: Increase burn duration from 2s to 3s. Changed timing of the burning caused by this trait to occur with the skill hit.
  • Smash Brawler: Changed functionality of this trait. This trait now reduces the recharge of berserk mode and primal burst skills by 33%.

Torch Burns Faster
Most of the torch feedback we got tended to focus around how the torch felt to use rather than its functionality. Torch skill activation speed and burning have been tuned up a bit to make it feel more like weapon worthy of the speedy Berserker.

  • Blaze Breaker – Lowered damage of strikes by 20%. Increased range from 400 to 600. Increase burning duration from 2s to 3s. Increased radius of individual attacks so it is easier to hit foes with multiple strikes. Lowered cast time by 0.15 seconds, reduced aftercast by 0.18 seconds. Fixed a bug which caused this skill to go on full recharge if it was canceled before it fully activated.
  • Flames of War – Added icon to show duration of this skill. Added additional effects to final explosion. Lowered duration of burning applied by final hit from 5 seconds to 3 seconds. Lowered cast time by 0.25 seconds. Fixed a bug which caused this skill to go on full recharge if it was canceled before it fully activated.

Stronger Primal Bursts
We’re tuning up a few of the more lackluster primal burst skills and toning down Gun Flame, because as awesome as it was, it was a little too strong. Arcing Sear has had the most significant change in that it’s been changed from a condition burst back to a power based burst similar to the old Arcing Slice. This new version, Arc Divider, has some clear tradeoffs: larger range, more execute damage, but no fury to differentiate it from Arcing Slice.

  • Arcing Sear: This skill has been replaced with Arc Divider. Arc Divider creates a 450 range shockwave that damages up to 5 foes it hits. This skill deals 75% more damage to foes below 50% health.
  • Decapitate – The shockwave from this attack now deals the same damage as the initial attack. Fixed a bug that caused this trait to list higher than actual damage when traited with Burst Mastery.
  • Flaming Flurry – Increase burn duration from 1s to 2s.
  • Gun Flame: Now only explodes on the first target hit. This skill now allows player movement during casting.
  • Rupturing Smash: Instead of knockback this skill now causes 1 second of immobilize on hit. This skill can no longer hit the same target twice. Increased damage by 100%.
  • Scorched Earth – Updated to be a rectangular area of effect. Adjusted arrow flight type to more closely match ground AoE.
  • Skull Grinder: Replaced Weakness condition with 4 stacks of Bleeding for 8 seconds.

Rage Skills
Blood Reckoning and Sundering Leap were consistently pointed out as being pretty weak in the last beta so we’re making some changes to make them feel more valuable. Wild Blow and Shattering Blow are getting increased hitboxes to make them easier to use.

  • Blood Reckoning: Changed functionality. This skill now has a small heal on activation and grants 25% bonus critical hit chance for its duration. During its duration you are healed for 35% of critical hit damage and receive 1 adrenaline when you land a critical hit. Reduced aftercast by 0.3s. Fixed a bug which prevented this skill from receiving the benefits from the Restorative Strength trait.
  • Outrage: Updated FX for this skill.
  • Shattering Blow: Increased area of initial projectile reflection zone by 100%. Increased radius of secondary reflection zone by 33%.
  • Sundering Leap: Now also inflicts cripple for 5 seconds on targets hit. Increased damage by 250%.
  • Wild Blow: Increased hit box size to match other melee attacks.

These changes will be available for you to test in the next BWE and we hope that they will improve your experience with the Berserker specialization.


GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Draufgänger (Quelle)

First off, let me say thanks for all of the constructive feedback you’ve been providing. We had a great weekend watching everyone jump around like madmen. Here’s where we’ll be going with Daredevil in the future.

First thing’s first:
There’s a few pacing issues we’ll be wanting to solve. The first issue would be that of the new dodge rolls (I don’t have a section for this just yet, so we’ll talk about it here). We’re actively working on making this a more desirable experience and are looking to make them function the same way your baseline dodge-roll behaves.

We’ll be looking at updating these abilities as we are able. There was a common tone in that the staff was too slow and didn’t feel as well as it could in its utility. We’ll be working on this now and in the future, so please continue to give feedback as you play the Daredevil.

Weakening Charge: Increased the maximum number of targets from 1 to 5. note: we’re still working on making this animation feel better. In addition to basic clean-up I’m hoping to make it targeted (ala Heartseeker) but still pass through the target. At the point of writing this, though, it’s not in yet.

Dust Strike: Reduced cast time from 1/2 second to 1/4 second.

Vault: Reduced initiative cost from 6 to 5. Reduced cast time from 1 second to 3/4 second. note: We’ve discussed leaving the initiative high and giving this ability an evade component at the beginning or end. Feel free to let us know what you think.

Bandit’s Defense: Increased recharge from 10 seconds to 15.

For this beta, we looked at increasing damage for a few things as well as clearing up bugs that could be skewing an ability’s usefulness.

Impact Strike combo: Removed endurance gain from Uppercut and Finishing Blow when Brawler’s Tenacity was equipped. _note:

Distracting Daggers: Reduced equip cast time to 1/2 second. This ability now lasts for 25 seconds. Thrown dagger velocity has been increased by 100%. Fixed an issue that wouldn’t allow this ability to increase interrupt cooldown.

Impairing Daggers: Removed the hidden initiative cost from these abilities. note: no more spending initiative on utilities, yay!

Fist Flurry: Increased damage per hit by 36%. Each successful hit applies one stack of vulnerability for 5 seconds. Removed hidden initiative cost.

Palm Strike: Increased damage on hit by 40%.

This iteration was mostly bug fixes. I’ve seen a lot of feedback on how Escapist’s Absolution should be baseline. It is the case that we believe this trait is powerful enough that it should be a choice in the trait line between damage, survivability and utility, rather than just a given. Driven Fortitude’s healing allows for usefulness in all modes where you take damage, where EA’s condition removal is situationally useful in a combat scenario.

Brawler’s Tenacity: Fixed an issue that allowed this trait to grant endurance though the skill was canceled.

Endurance Thief: Updated Steal to reward the full 50 endurance, rather than 25.

Evasive Empowerment: This trait now grants 10% bonus damage after dodging for 2 seconds, rather than just the first attack after dodging.

See ya soon.


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