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Guild Wars 2: Änderungen an dem Schrotter

Game Designer Irenio CalmonHuang hat im offiziellen Guild Wars 2 Forum einige Änderungen am Schrotter bekannt gegeben.

Änderungen an dem Schrotter

Es gibt beispielsweise am Hammer einige Änderungen. So sollen die Spieler nicht das Gefühl haben jetzt unbedingt einen Hammer tragen zu müssen um den maximalen Schaden zu verursachen.

GW2 Schrotter mit Drohne

Auch an den Gyroskopen gibt es ein paar Anpassungen, so wurde die anfängliche Heilung vom medizinischen Gyroskop erhöht. Folgend könnt Ihr Euch den offiziellen Beitrag im Guild Wars 2 Forum durchlesen.

GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Änderungen an dem Schrotter (Quelle)

Hey all,

Since the Scrapper reveal I’ve been up to my eyeballs in Druid development.

In my off-work hours I’ve been watching the forums and wanted to reply to some of your concerns and discuss some design intent.

  • The hammer is intended to have good damage output and heavy proactive and reactive survivability options. Good damage does not mean best damage. No weapon or skillset should be the top of everything. Since the livestream recorded video I have made a few modifications to the damage numbers of the Hammer autoattack combo, Electro-Whirl and Shock Shield, increasing the autoattack damage, decreasing the Electro-Whirl damage and smoothing the damage distribution of Shock Shield while adding an additional strike.
  • As many of you spotted, some of the Medic Gyro’s numbers were undertuned on the recorded gameplay from the livestream. The personal initial heal had already been bumped up a chunk to provide a more competitive option prior to the livestream itself, but we were unable to get the updated build in time. The initial heal is currently around 4.5k.
  • Bulwark Gyro has a decent pool of health and low defense. If you and several allies are taking heavy AoE then it is going to die quickly; that is the situation where itshould die quickly. This is a skill that has the potential to be very strong. I’ll be watching feedback closely, but I am holding off on any changes for now until you’ve have had the chance to play with it.
  • Function Gyro requires a target. It appears at the target’s location when summoned so long as you have line of sight to create more gameplay options (across gaps or around obstacles). This summon happens nearly instantly so that you can be more reactive in resurrection situations and proactive in stomping situations. I am reviewing the recharge and duration currently.

That’s all for now!

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