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Guild Wars 2: Änderungen am Schrotter und Druiden

Am 23. Oktober startet die Erweiterung Heart of Thorns für Guild Wars 2. In den vergangenen Beta-Wochenenden gab es immer wieder die Möglichkeit die kommenden Elite-Spezialisierungen auszuprobieren.

Änderungen am Schrotter und Druide

Im offiziellen Forum gab es nach dem letzten Beta-Wochenende viel Feedback zu den Klassen. Aufgrunf der Meinungen und Anregungen der Spieler gibt es nun ein paar Änderungen am Schrotter und Druiden.

GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Änderungen am Schrotter (Quelle)

Hallo fellow Engineers,

Since the beta weekend there’ve been a fair chunk of posts regarding the Function Gyro, Hammer and Gyros… a bit fewer regarding traits that weren’t contingent on those other components. Below are the more solid changes at this point.

At this point we’re not going to be able to change the elite specialization mechanic very much. There are still going to be changes to it with the possibility for expansion of functionality post-launch.

Hammer was generally well received and many of you pointed out some flaws and potential changes that were in line with our intent for the weapon skills.

Gyros are going to be affected by a systemic change that should increase their survivability quite a lot. In addition to that several changes to how Gyros follow you and their rate of travel were made – they shouldn’t zig-zag randomly about anymore even if you’re not moving and try to stay pretty close to you while you are moving.

  • Function Gyro – The gyro should appear and begin stomping or reviving more quickly and no longer seek to attack anyone that strikes it, focusing instead solely upon its task of stomping or reviving. The cooldown on the gyro has been reduced to 20s from 30s and its duration has been reduced to 10s from 15s. This is intended to increase the frequency of availability while still giving it enough time to complete its purpose. The range at which the function gyro can be used has been increased to 900.
  • Hammer 1 Autoattack Combo: Went in and removed most of the aftercasts from the swings, so this should feel a bit smoother and it is a functional damage increase from the reduced rotation time as well as slightly increased might and vulnerability uptime.
  • Rocket Charge: Will no longer leap about once you’ve reached your target, instead leaping ensuring that the gap remains closed and your leaps are more closely synchronized. The leap finishers from this ability now happen at the start of each jump, like other leap finishers. Also smacked the bug of this ability being affected by movement-speed.
  • Shock Shield: This skill now starts you blocking immediately upon and will cease blocking the moment the skill effects end, hopefully giving you better control and sense of the block time so your anticipation and reaction time are more rewarded.
  • Several Gyros received increased movement speeds to help keep them close to you as you move and some skill changes to make them more effective at their jobs, like increased range on their abilities.
  • Gyros now start their cooldown upon summon rather than upon gyro death. Medic, Shredder, Purge and Bulwark gyro now have a 35s cooldown, up from 30s. Sneak Gyro needed a cooldown that was longer since it would otherwise have potential 100% uptime, so it now has a cooldown of kitten , up from 30s (its 30s duration remains). This should encourage players to keep them around to gain their benefits for longer.
  • Impact Savant: This trait now affects dazes in addition to stuns.

Well wishes,
~ Irenio

GW2 MitarbeiterArenaNET zu Änderungen am Druiden (Quelle)

Hey all,

Since the third beta weekend there’s been a lot of great feedback – thanks!

Below are some of the more solid changes to the Druid since the beta weekend that were made to address some concerns regarding net damage loss in a raid, celestial avatar form feeling gated by staff and glyph reward scaling.

  • Grace of the Land: This trait has been re-worked. Instead of its former behavior, allies affected by your celestial avatar abilities gain 3% damage and condition damage increase for 8 seconds. This buff stacks 5 times.
  • Lingering Light: This trait has been re-worked. Instead of its former behavior, when you heal an ally their next outgoing attack will heal them (based upon your healing) and blind their target.
  • Glyph of Unity: This skill now has a 400 initial effect radius and a 600 radius leash.
  • Glyph of Empowerment: The radius for this skill has been increased to 600.
  • Glyph of Alignment: Increased the weakness and cripple duration on this skill from 3s to 5s. Reduced the cast damage by 66%. This skill now applies 3 stacks of poison.
  • Ancestral Grace: Is now an evade and will immediately end upon reaching your destination.
  • Celestial Avatar Form: Entering this form now has a 10s CD. Charging of Astral force by healing has been reduced by 40%. Charging of Astral force by outgoing strikes has been increased by 200%. You now retain half your current astral force if you decide to break form early.
  • Celestial Avatar Form: Skills that heal have had their base heals reduced by 15-25% and increased their healing coefficients from 100-145%. This should leave base heals solid while really rewarding players who elect to use healing power stats.
  • (Celestial Avatar) Lunar Impact: Reduced the daze on this skill from 3s to 2s. This skill is now ground targeted and will blast finish correctly.

Well wishes,

Bonus: Bristleback Pet F2 is no longer the Sharpen Spines ability. The F2 is now Spike Barrage to give you more rewarding control.

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