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ArcheAge: Wochenplan von Trion Worlds

ArcheAge ist äußerst beliebt, beliebter als jeder gedacht hätte. Die Entwickler waren auf solch einen Ansturm nicht vorbereitet und deswegen gibt es derzeit viele technische Probleme. Auch die Warteschlange ist ein heikles Thema. Denn wer Abends einloggt muss teilweise stundenlang warten um überhaupt spielen zu können.

ArcheAge Wochenplan von Trion Worlds

Deswegen möchten die Entwickler jetzt in der Woche auch noch weitere Server für Europa bereit stellen. Zudem soll das AFK Problem angegangen werden, welches die Server belastet.

ArcheAge Wochenplan von Trion Worlds

Auch ist bereits eine Art Servertransfer im Gespräch. Man hat beim koreanischen Entwickler XLGames nachgefragt ob dies möglich sei. Dadurch sollen Spieler dann von vollen auf leere Server wechseln können.

TRION MitarbeiterTrion zu Wochenplan (Quelle)

Hello Scapes and Ocho,

My name is Thomas, and I currently work for another gaming company with social media and customer communication.
Let me point out a different side of the AFK timer you are currently implementing in the character selection screen that you should consider.

Consider this, I have now tried to connect to this game, for 14 hours. I have only had 2 DCs in the queue, and I have had 2 in the character selection screen. Now, what I would like to say is, that during all of this, I have done a few things in real life that we all have to do. Make food for my friends and family. Drove someone to the airport. Done office work at home regarding one of the launches that our company has these days.
Stuff we ALL have to do.

BUT, for all of this time, I have had timers around the „estimated“ time when my queue will be done.
Both of the times I have gotten to the character selection screen, I have been disconnected.

The problem with including the AFK kick at the character selection screen is you will create alot of players who wont get to play at all, ever.
Right now, the queue times are not specific, so, it says: „More then one hour“, usually its between 2 and 5.
That means, that if we go afk during that time and says, ok, il go the store, take a shower, do some cleaning, get some work done, then get home and play.
We might have gotten to the character selection screen, and wait.. been kicked out.
Rinse- repeat.
With your new system, we will have to sit at the computer and wait for 5 hours.

That system is far worse, then a few people logging to character selection screen to avoid queues, because it actually forces people who has chores, duties, work, relationships etc completely out of one, or the other. And guess which doesnt get priority? We dont get to play.

Now, I do agree, yes, „some“ people abuse it.
But the mechanic is a GOD GIVEN when you have queues as long as you have. The impact it has on the queues are minor compared to what it does to those who will never ever get into the game because of this mechanic.

As a gaming company, problems occur during a launch, but let me assure you, its far easier to convince a paying customer that long wait times occur, but give them a means to play at least a little bit. Then it is to convince that paying customer to pay, but never get to play, because if you cant sit and WATCH the screen for 5 hours waiting,your not deserving of getting into the game.

I highly suggest you remove that mechanic, because it hurts alot more players then it benefits from the few people that abuse the mechanic.

– Best regards,

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