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ArcheAge: Testserver im Dezember – Worldboss, neues Verließ, Weihnachtsevent und Level 55

Im offiziellen Forum gibt es nun den Beitrag Producers Update Nr. 5. Dort gibt es einige interessante Informationen wie es mit ArcheAge weiter geht und was in Zukunft veröffentlicht wird.

Testserver im Dezember – Worldboss, neues Verließ und Weihnachtsevent

So soll im Dezember der bereits angekündigte PTS (Public Test Server) veröffentlicht werden. Dadurch sollen die Spieler bereits vor dem offiziellen Release eines Updates die Inhalte ausprobieren und so den Entwicklern bei der Suche nach Bugs helfen. Das Ganze funktioniert aber nur richtig, wenn auch genügend Spieler an solchen Aktionen teilnehmen.

Auch andere MMOs haben solche PTS. Beispielsweise World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The old Republic und The Elder Scrolls Online.

ArcheAge Red Dragon

Auf dem Testserver wird es dann auch gleich neue Inhalte geben, so zum Beispiel den World Boss „Red Dragon“ und das Verließ „Sea of Downed Love“. Neben dem PTS soll es aber auch ein Weihnachtsevent geben mit Rentieren, Zuckerstangen und Skins für Farmwagen.

Nach den Feiertagen soll es dann auch ein neues Update für die Liveserver geben, welches das Levelcap von 50 auf 55 anhebt. Auch ein neues Gebiet für das Housing soll es geben, ebenso das Bibliothek-Verließ.

TRION MitarbeiterTrion zu Updates (Quelle)

Greetings Adventurers!

As we approach the Holiday season, we thought that it would be good to see what we have accomplished so far and to give you a preview of what we have coming up!

Earlier this month, we released the Auroria continent, and with it sieges. The early phases of the first sieges are now underway! Siege tokens went on the Auction House on Wednesday and guilds from all over the game get to bid for the right to siege castles in Heedmar and Nuimari and it’s up to the owners of the castles to defend their territory with their best players and gear. It’s exciting to watch the play-by-play and the potential power shifts in Auroria.

With the launch of Auroria, and shortly after, we have had some challenges. We worked closely with XLGAMES to resolve these bugs and connection issues; and we are happy to say that these bugs are almost behind us. An update is going out tonight and tomorrow morning that will resolve the last of the issues and APEX will be turned back on as soon as those are live.

With everything that has been going on, it’s very exciting to see over two million players interacting with each other – trading, selling, cooperating, stealing and killing! In recent weeks we’ve seen more trade, more crafting, more ocean combat and more creative ways to help and hurt your fellow adventurers. We’re looking forward to everyone enjoying the content that we have live now – and are planning on adding in weeks to come.

Speaking of content to come, we’ve got great updates coming in November and December. We also have a few more updates for the Marketplace in November – including the Farm Hauler upgrade ticket and a new mount that does somersaults.

In Early December, we’ll be rolling out our new Public Test Server (PTS) where you can check out all of the upcoming content before it launches on live. On PTS you’ll have the opportunity to auto-level up if you choose, try out the new content, and check out the new items on the Marketplace (with a special PTS-only pool of credits). We want you to let us know what you think! Your feedback on what you see on PTS – both positive and negative – will be incredibly helpful for both us and XLGAMES as we share new content with you.

With the PTS launch, you’ll get a preview of our December update. With that update, we’ll bring out the Red Dragon world boss and open the Sea of Drowned Love Dungeon. We’ll also turn on a couple of holiday-themed events and goodies that will be available to players – including reindeer ears, holiday themed skins for your Farm Wagons and candy cane weapons! Keep an eye on the forums and on the website for more details on the upcoming content.

Looking past the holidays, we are targeting early next year to bring you a level cap increase. This update will allow you to level up to level 55 and gain access to all of the new skills. This update will also include a new zone with housing areas, the Library dungeon and, of course, all of the associated crafting!

There’s so much to do today and some awesome additions coming! Thank you all for your incredible passion for ArcheAge! We look forward to seeing what you do with the new content to come!

– Victoria

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