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ArcheAge: Patchnotes zur Version 1.7B Build 6.5

ArcheAge hat wieder ein Update spendiert bekommen, ab sofort ist der Patch 1.7B Build 6.5 verfügbar. Im offiziellen Forum hat Community Manager Scapes auch bereits die Patchnotes veröffentlicht.

Patchnotes zur Version 1.7 Build 6.5

So werden wir den Leviathan nun in einem zeitlich begrenzten Event angreifen und besiegen können! Zudem öffnet die Zone „Miroir Tundra“ Ihre Pforten.

TRION MitarbeiterTrion zu Patchnotes zur Version 1.7B Build 6.5 (Quelle)

ArcheAge Version 1.7 Build 6.5: Patch Notes

– The dreaded Leviathan—once thought to be legend—has finally returned to the Arcadian Sea.
– A massive creature that lurks in the northern ocean, hunting the Leviathan requires both strong communication and a large naval presence.
– Those who manage to defeat the Leviathan will be rewarded with the design for the Enoan Galleon, a new type of multi-level warship.
– Additionally, defeating the Leviathan allows its body to be brought to Diamond Shores as a trophy that provides a powerful buff to nearby players in recognition of this great achievement over the seas.

– The Miroir Tundra and surrounding Shattered Sea zones are now accessible.
– Miroir Tundra is a zone that remains permanently in Peace.
– Players with 120,000 Fishing proficiency can participate in Ice Fishing in this zone.
– Purchase an Ice Shovel from a Vocation Badge vendor and craft your Ice Fishing Pole to get started!
– Beware of wandering bears who are also interested in the daily catch.

Attack the Leviathan!
– This event runs from 6/23 through 11:59pm GMT on 7/7.
– Once per day, you can obtain a quest to hunt the legendary Leviathan while armed with a giant crossbow.
– Successfully fire upon the Leviathan to complete the quest and obtain 2 Leviathan’s Legacy items.
Patron Loyalty Bonus
– From 6/23 through 11:59pm GMT on 7/7, Patrons can earn additional Loyalty Tokens daily while logged in.
– Obtain 1 Loyalty Token every hour for a maximum of three additional tokens each day.

* Two new house styles are now available!
– The Spired Chateau is a 44×44 mansion and can be purchased for 3000 Gilda Stars on Mirage Isle.
– The Tidal Bungalow is a 28×28 large overwater bungalow and can be purchased for 300 Gilda Stars on Mirage Isle.
* Reduced the amount of drops from destroyed ships.
* To prevent the server from forcing castles into an un-owned state, guild leaders as the last member of non-pirate guilds no longer become pirates when their crime points go over 3000.
* Map fog of war system has been turned off, so you can once again see full maps of zones you haven’t yet explored.
* Added the recipe to craft Liberty Drums, a drumset that can be placed in a house and played with sheet music.
* Added recipes to make the Red Farm Hauler, Red Red Rudolph Hauler, and to revert Red Rudolph Hauler back to a regular Farm Hauler.

* Other faction’s chat has been changed back to symbols instead of letters for unknown characters.
* Fixed an issue where certain push skills could knock captains with the Captain’s Intuition buff off of ship wheels.
* Fixed an issue that allowed some car speeds to be increased in an unintended manner. Cars now have a max cap speed:
– Apex Squall: 22 m/s
– Timber Coupe: 24 m/s
– Comet Speedster: 28 m/s
* Fixed a method of cramming additional tradepacks into carts and haulers beyond their container limit.
* Glitterstone Hens are less rampage-y after taking Chain Lightning damage.
* Fixed an issue where players could be trapped after standing up from the Sovereign’s Piano.
* Fixed a bug that increased received damage while under the Red Dragon Hatchling’s Flame Shield buff.
* Fixed a visual glitch on some races with the Wavewyrm costumes.

* ‚Wind‘ type jewelry has been correctly named Gale.
* Corrected the German splash screen text.
* Fixed Merit Quest text overlapping outside of the UI.
* Applied the latest localization changes.

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