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ArcheAge: Patchnotes zur Version 1.2 Build 4.9

Heute Abend um 19 Uhr beginnt bei uns in Europa der Headstart von ArcheAge- Spieler welche sich vorab ein Gründer-Paket gekauft haben können so bereits 4 Tage vor allen anderen die Welt erkunden und Abenteuer erleben.

ArcheAge Patchnotes zur Version 1.2 Build 4.9

Im offiziellen Forum wurde nun bekannt gegeben, dass es einen neuen Patch für den Headstart geben wird. Dieser umfasst knapp 200 MB und wird einfach über den Launcher heruntergeladen.

So wurden noch kurzfristig einige Änderungen am Gameplay vorgenommen, beispielsweise lassen Gegner jetzt spürbar weniger Beute-Beutel fallen als vorher. Folgend findet Ihr die kompletten Patchnotes.

*The drop rate of loot bags from monsters has significantly increased.
* The drop rate of Sunlight Archeum, Moonlight Archeum, and Starlight Archeum from loot bags has been greatly increased.
* The chance of equipment from loot bags has increased from monsters. These items can be salvaged to gain archeum.
* The Solid Shaft recipe is available again, allowing for the construction of fishing boats.

* The Auction House can now be searched using German and French.

* The Marketplace inventory has been reorganized in terms of Featured Items and categorization of consumables.
* The Character Slot Expansion scroll has been added. Accounts may have a maximum of six character slots per region but a limit of four character slots per server.
* The Workman’s Compensation labor potion has been returned to 12-hour cooldown and price of 300 Credits.
* The Auction House License permitting non-Patrons to create Auction House listings has been added. It is not tradable.

* The priority server login queue for Patrons is now even faster.

* Cosmetic Costumes: A future build will remove the stats from all costumes that are obtained or crafted in-game, much like stats were removed from costumes on the Marketplace. Similar to the normalization of mount speeds, this change is to prevent power creep and stat inflation while also promoting costume choice and preventing „best“ items to be wearing to maximize your character’s gameplay.
* Improved Anti-Spam: XLGAMES is delivering a way for us to integrate our internally-developed anti-spam technology which learns over time and then kills spam and spammers before you see either even once. Expect more details on this to be announced next week.

* This patch is less than 200MB large from the Open Beta client (8.5GB large as a new installation) and is available for download now from Glyph. Note that Head Start begins September 12 at 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7).

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