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ArcheAge: Offizielles Statement zu Serverproblemen

Gestern haben wir darüber berichtet, dass es eine Entschädigung für die Serverprobleme in ArcheAge geben wird. Nun gibt es auch auf der offiziellen ArcheAge Seite ein kurzes Statement zu den Problemen.

Offizielles Statement zu ArcheAge Serverproblemen

Mittlerweile sind alle Server wieder verfügbar, dies schriebt Community Manager Scapes zumindest im offiziellen Forum.

TRION MitarbeiterTrion zu Serverprobleme (Quelle)

12:27 AM PST/ 8:28 AM GMT: Nebe, Nui, and Janudar are once again open, and all servers are now available. Discussion about what will be granted to players will occur later today, and we will update you when we have news on that topic.

Später am Tag wird er zudem bekannt geben welche Entschädigung die Spieler für den Ausfall und die Probleme bekommen. Folgend könnt Ihr Euch noch den offiziellen Beitrag von der ArcheAge Seite durchlesen.

TRION MitarbeiterTrion zu Offizielles Statement (Quelle)


Good news! Out of 21 ArcheAge servers, 16 are now back online and fully operational: connectivity, performance and lag issues you might have recently experienced on these servers are now fixed, capacity has been increased to reduce queues and life in Erenor is back to normal. Thanks a lot to all of you for your patience. We’re also glad to announce that we have a target ETA for the two North American and three European servers that require additional work before they’re brought online. The Operations Team will be working through the night to get Nui, Nebe, Janudar, Inoch, and Calleil live as quickly as possible. We’re aiming for the servers to be live by tomorrow morning but they may be available as early as late tonight (Pacific time). We’ll keep updating this rough ETA on the forums as work progresses.

Now, although we are happy to share this news with you, we want to also convey our apologies for the server connectivity issues we’ve been experiencing since yesterday. Like you, the Trion Worlds staff were eager to spend Sunday eating (too much) leftover turkey, playing ArcheAge, and watching siege livestreams. We hope you know how hard the team worked — and is still working — to make interruptions of service as short as possible. Members of our Network and Operations Teams have been working through the last two nights and are now close to determining the cause of the problems we ran into and are continuing to work around the clock to ensure that you get the best ArcheAge experience possible. With XLGAMES’ help, we’re also determining the best ways to resolve the secondary issues the latency caused such as excess item redemption or overlapping property construction.

We’ve mentioned that we will be compensating the ArcheAge community for their patience and are currently finalizing the details which we’ll share once all of the servers resume normal service.

The ArcheAge Team

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