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ArcheAge: Offizielles FAQ zum Release

Die Entwickler haben in der Nacht im offiziellen ArcheAge Forum ein kleines FAQ veröffentlicht. Dort werden dich wichtigsten und meist gestellten Fragen beantwortet.

Offizielles ArcheAge FAQ zum Release

So wird dort die Frage geklärt wie das mit der Warteschlange für Patron- und Free-to-Play-Spieler abläuft. Auch erfährt man dort, dass es schon bald Server-Transfers geben soll, sodass man seinen Charakter verschieben kann.

TRION MitarbeiterTrion zu Offizielles FAQ (Quelle)

Hello adventurers!

In the two days since launch, we’ve seen tons of new players visiting the forums to start and join discussions. We’ve written up this set of frequently asked questions about launch.

My server has a really long queue! Why?

ArcheAge’s servers have a limit on the number of active players who can be in-game at once. This limit is to prevent the server from becoming unstable due to too many actions being taken in the game (you can see examples of it when trying to access the multi-server Auction House and getting an error message).

Am I in the Patron queue or the general queue?

There are two queues for entering servers: Patron and general. The Patron queue is added to the server faster than the general queue. If you have Patron status in the game, you will be placed in the Patron queue.

Originally, the game clearly showed which queue you were in. We recently introduced a ten-minute grace period that allows players who are disconnected from the game to rejoin their server without having to wait in the queue. A temporary side effect of this addition is that the current queue prompt doesn’t designate which queue you’re in. We are working with XLGAMES to make it so it does show this information.

How are the long queues being addressed?

Since Head Start, we’ve opened five new servers effectively adding 50% more capacity to our initial server list. Over the last two days, we’ve increased the total player capacity of our North American servers by 20% and our largest EU server, Kyprosa, by 10%.

We also introduced an AFK kick that boots players from the game after a set duration of inactivity. This kick will be improved to detect idle players in the character selection screen. Also, we will be reducing the length of the AFK kick timer the next time each server restarts.

Are more servers going to be opened?

While we’ve added new servers since launch, we are closely monitoring their populations and queues (and paying attention to player feedback on the forums) to determine when to add more. The reason we’re being conservative about adding more is that ArcheAge’s launch week just started two days ago and player activity is exceptionally high as a result. We want to avoid a post-launch situation where opening too many servers leads to individual server populations stabilizing down to levels that leave them partially populated.

Is leveling my mount while I’m AFK permitted?

No, not when we have server queues. Our Game Masters will be kicking players who are AFK and leveling their mounts to make room for active players.

I’m missing my Patron status and/or my Patron duration is wrong/inactive!

We’re aware that some players who should have Patron Time (via Founder’s Packs or direct purchases) are missing it or it isn’t activating. Our Platform Team is working to resolve this issue and will make sure that all players who should have Patron Time get it back.

We will also be adding five days of Patron Time to all Founders to compensate for their bundled Patron Time starting at the beginning of the four-day Head Start rather than at launch as previously announced.

Where are my Founder’s Pack perks?

Founder’s Pack perks are sent to characters via the in-game mail system. We’re aware that some players purchased a Founder’s Pack but did not receive this in-game mail due to our distribution platform being slower than expected. We will make certain that all Founders automatically get the perks that they purchased.

Our Support Team can assist you in getting your items in the interim. Submitting a help ticket or consulting our live chat will get you the help you need. Please note that we have a lot of tickets and chats active right now but you will definitely be responded to in the order received.

Can I transfer my existing character to another server?

We are working to offer server transfers, we’re eager to make them available!

This thread will be updated as questions are added, answers are updated, and issues are resolved, so be sure to keep checking back.

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