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ArcheAge: Entschädigung für Serverprobleme

Seit dem 30. November gibt es immer wieder unplanungsmäßig Wartungsarbeiten an den Servern. Manche davon sind wieder voll erreichbar, andere haben noch immer Probleme, zum Beispiel eine extrem hohe Latenz oder Verbindungs-Problemen.

Entschädigung für Serverprobleme

Im offiziellen Forum von ArcheAge gibt es einen Beitrag von Community Manager Scapes, welcher stets über die neusten Informationen verfügt. Die EU-Servern Nui, Janudar und Nebe sind derzeit noch immer nicht erreichbar. Auf Shatigon, Kyprosa, Eanna, Dahuta, Aier, Orchidna & Melisara könnt Ihr Euch jedoch einloggen und spielen.

Zudem soll es für die Spieler eine „großzügige Entschädigung“ geben. Was genau es aber sein wird, wird an dieser Stelle nicht genannt.

TRION MitarbeiterTrion zu Serverprobleme (Quelle)

ArcheAge Server Connectivity Issues

3:50 AM PST/11:50 AM GMT: The restart took less time than anticipated to complete. You can log into the following EU servers: Shatigon, Kyprosa, Eanna, Dahuta, Aier, Orchidna & Melisara. We continue to work on Nui, Janudar and Nebe.In North American, you can log into Aranzeb, Naima, Kyrios, Ollo, Tahyang, Salphira, Enla, Ezi and Lucius. Inoch and Calleil continue to be offline as we work to resolve the issues on those servers.Please note that the servers that are being worked on will show up on the server selection, and vanish from the server selection screen, as they are being worked on. Their visibility is not an indication of their status until we indicate that they are fully online.

We expect to have another update for you in the mid-late morning (Pacific time).

3:00 AM PST/11:00 AM GMT: All EU servers are now offline for the restart.

2:45 AM PST/10:45 AM GMT: To improve the connectivity of the EU servers, all of them will be coming offline at 3:00 AM PST/11:00 AM GMT for a full restart. The minimum duration we are expecting is 90 minutes for the servers that were previously online. There will be several outliers, such as Nui, Janudar, and Nebe, as we are still in the process of working on bring those servers back in a good state.

2:20 AM PST: The team is currently working on the EU connectivity issues affecting all EU shards.

In addition to that, I just wanted to confirm that it is expected behavior that Nui, Janudar, and Nebe will be intermittently missing from the server selection screen as we work on them.

1:50 AM PST: Apologies for the confusion; now the EU authentication is fully back online, and should no longer display the offline button, instead of the play button. We also noticed an issue with Kyprosa, and it is in the process of restarting.

1:35 AM PST: The EU authentication server is now back online, meaning that new players can log in to Glyph once more. Our work on bringing Janudar and Nebe back online continues.

1:05 AM PST: We will be restarting the auth servers for the European servers shortly. This is part of our work process to get the affected servers back online. It also means that players will not be able to log in to Glyph until after it has concluded. As soon as it’s over, we’ll let you guys know.

12:20 AM PST: Now that we know more about Calleil and Inoch, we realize that it will likely be tomorrow before those servers are up. We have been dealing with a combination of database and network issues and they seem to be affecting these two servers differently than the other servers, so it’s taking longer to resolve their issues.

11:45 PM PST: NA servers Inoch and Calleil have special issues and our teams are continuing to work on them. I appreciate the passion for Inoch, and wish I did have magic powers to bring the servers all up!

Our operations folks believe that they have a potential fix for the EU servers Nui, Janudar, and Nebe. We’re testing out the fix on Janudar and Nebe – you’ll see those servers starting to come online in a bit. Make sure to keep an eye on the first post in this thread for updates on when they are online!

9:40 PM PST: Our team is going to dig into why Inoch (NA), Calleil (NA), Nui (EU), Janudar (EU), and Nebe (EU) are still not in line with the other servers. Tahyang (NA) and Salphira (NA) will remain available until we’ve confirmed. We will have another update in 2-3 hours or less.

9:30 PM PST: Kyrios (NA) and Ollo (NA) are now available.

8:59 PM PST: We will need to bring Tahyang (NA) and Salphira (NA) down soon to resolve the latency issues there.

8:59 PM PST: Aranzeb (NA) and Naima (NA) are now available. We will be continuing with Kyrios (NA) and Ollo (NA) next.

8:40 PM PST: Aranzeb (NA) and Naima (NA) are starting validation now.

7:55 PM PST: Ezi (NA) and Lucius (NA) are now available. We will be continuing with Aranzeb (NA) and Naima (NA) next.

7:40 PM PST: Ezi (NA) and Lucius (NA) are starting validation now.

7:00 PM PST: Enla (NA) is now available. We’ll be continuing by bringing Ezi (NA) and Lucius (NA) online next.

5:50 PM PST: Our Operations Team is continuing to investigate the cause of the server instability through the night. We will be bringing up Enla (NA) as a server stability test within an hour.



First and foremost, our apologies for the server connectivity issues we’ve been experiencing since yesterday. Like you, the Trion Worlds staff were eager to spend Sunday playing ArcheAge and watching siege livestreams. This new thread combines the two separate ones (NA and EU) from last night and brings both up to speed.

Members of our Network and Operations Teams have been working through the night to address the network latency and stability issues that players began reporting this weekend. We’re determining the cause of the problem and are continuing to work around the clock to restore normal service. With XLGAMES‘ help, we’re also determining the best ways to resolve the secondary issues the latency caused such as excess item redemption or overlapping property construction. Additionally, we’ll detail our plans for the compensation we will be issuing due to this extended outage.

As we work to restore normal service, we’ll update this forum thread and our Twitter with the latest developments and Frequently Asked Questions. The ArcheAge Team knows this is a frustrating time and is working to get everyone back into the game as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my server in „Maintenance“ status or not in the server list?

Some servers have been impacted by the connectivity issues more than others with some temporarily not listed. Any characters and their progress on these servers are not affected. We’re working to restore access to them.

What about my ban that resulted from the latency issues?

We’re aware that the latency players have been experiencing has caused some erroneous bans in the last day. Our Support Team will be taking this into consideration for any appeals.

Will we be getting compensated for this downtime?

We plan on issuing a generous compensation for this extended outage. Details will be announced when we restore normal service.

Are the timers on my crops and taxes still ticking down?

Like when we restart servers, these timers do continue to tick down. Property taxes are due every two weeks and we’re working to bring the servers back up as quickly as possible. The ArcheAge Team is definitely aware this is an issue for players with taxes due and is talking with XLGAMES about the best way to resolve it while the servers are offline.

Will there be a server rollback?

No, a server rollback is not planned.

Is the outage being caused by a DDoS?

No, this is not being caused by a DDoS

Why is there no ETA for when server connectivity will be restored?

The moment we have a valid ETA to share, it’ll be posted here. Right now we’re all hands on deck to resolve the issue and get us that answer.

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