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ArcheAge: Änderungen am Marktplatz

Bereits vor einigen Tagen wurde im offiziellen ArcheAge Forum bekannt gegeben, dass es mit dem Start der Open-Beta (04. bis 08. September) Änderungen am Marktplatz geben wird.

ArcheAge Änderungen am Marktplatz

In den kommenden Tagen, vor dem Release am 16. September, wird es wahrscheinlich noch weitere Änderungen geben. Hier der Auszug aus dem offiziellen Forum zu den Änderungen am Marktplatz.


Welcome to (almost) Open Beta! In just a few short hours, you’ll be exploring the latest changes to ArcheAge brought about by Version 1.2 Build 4.7. We know how frustrating it is to have changes that you don’t expect and we want to avoid the sense of „OH NOES NINJA CHANGE“. Our intent is to share confirmed details as quickly as possible which is why we’ve been shipping you information as we verify it ourselves. The previous patch notes today didn’t include the final Marketplace validations which were still in progress.

With that in mind, here’s our Open Beta updates to the Marketplace:

* With our crafters in mind, all crafted items have been removed: Eco-Friendly Fuel and Shatigon’s Sandglasses.
* Some costumes have been temporarily removed such as the swimsuits.
* Purchasable mounts have had their speeds normalized as mentioned earlier in the patch notes. Snowlions are now correctly set as 9 m/s.
* Mirage Isle mounts are not available at launch.
* The Archeum Supply Crate has been added.
* The Limited Edition: Skybound Housewarming Gift has been added.
* The Auction House License for non-Patron accounts has been added.
* The Workman’s Compensation labor potion now has a reduced cooldown (four hours) and reduced price.

On the labor potion note in particular: a large part of our testing has been to ensure that our version’s labor balance provides as much fun as possible for both Patrons and non-Patrons while keeping the game’s economy in balance. In the previous patch notes, you’ll recall that labor costs have been removed from quest rewards. This was the most requested labor enhancement that was possible to make before launch and is an obvious benefit to everyone.

In follow-up Closed Beta surveys, the second most desired source of labor enhancement (85% of people) was „more labor potions on the Auction House“. At current rate of labor potion consumption, it’s expected that the game’s economy will remain healthy with slightly more in play as well. We’re exploring this combination of findings by testing a new cooldown and price in a transparent test to see if this incentivizes more Auction House resale behavior of labor potions for in-game currency, causing more labor to flow through the economy to more people. As with our Closed Beta, we’re looking at both subjective feedback and objective gameplay data to help guide us between now and launch, and, as always, even beyond.

The Marketplace section has been added to the patch notes for Build 4.7 and we’re eager to hear your constructive feedback on it.

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